The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Options in Manchester

Plastic Surgery

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was done only in secret and it was considered to be a sign of weakness if someone altered his or her appearance by means of cosmetic surgery. Today it is considered a necessary evil. Models and film stars flaunt their cosmetic body and many people go under the knife to alter or correct defects in their body. Cosmetic surgery Manchester services are aimed at enhancing the way a person looks and feels about themselves.

However, cosmetic surgeons do more than making people beautiful, they ensure that stitches do not leave marks and bones heal the way they are supposed to. Popular Procedures in Cosmetic Surgery There are many things a cosmetic surgeon Manchester does to enhance the look of his or her patients. Some of the popular techniques of Cosmetic surgery Manchester are described below:

Abdominoplasty – This is the technical name for the good old tummy tuck. The surgery involves the removal of excess fat and skin from the abdominal area to make the tummy more firm and flat. Depending on the extent of surgery done, the recovery time can be anything between four and six weeks.

Augmentation – Augmentation surgery is any surgery done to increase the size of any part of the body. Normally, augmentation is done on cheeks, breasts, and buttocks. Silicone implants are generally used for the augmentation. However, there are procedures were fat from other parts of the body are transferred to the part to be augmented as well. Breast augmentation is the most popular kind of Cosmetic surgery Manchester nowadays.

Liposuction – This is a procedure that helps remove fat from various parts of the body. It can be considered to be the opposite of augmentation. It is generally done on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breasts.

Face Lift – The technical name for the facelift is Rhytidectomy. It mainly involves removing excess skin and facial tissues to give the face a more youthful look.

Body Lift – This is similar to the facelift, except that it is done to other parts of the body like thighs, tummies, hips, arms and so on. Body lifts are usually done by the removal of excess skin. It does not involve the removal of fat.

Botox – Botox injections are used to reduce wrinkles and give parts of the body a youthful appearance. This is a very famous cosmetic procedure. In fact, it is so famous that people even hold Botox parties in their homes. Botox is a protein called botulism toxin. The effects of Botox can be seen immediately and hence many people prefer it to a normal facelift these days. Cosmetic surgery Manchester and other parts of UK is very popular. People, ordinary and famous, are very conscious about the way they look and would go to any length to keep up their youthful appearance. They are not afraid of a little nip tuck to get rid of unwanted wrinkles or excess fat. A perfectly sculpted body is every person’s dream and cosmetic surgery goes a long way in making the dream a reality. One of the best places for Cosmetic surgery.