Setting up Medical Courier Services

With the rise of online shopping in the pharmaceutical niche, millions of people in the UK, are ordering their supplies online. The supplies they order have to be delivered to them. Also, hospitals need delivery services for a variety of items. This is why offering Medical Courier Services is becoming a lucrative career in the United Kingdom.

Starting a medical pickup and delivery services company is easy since such a company requires very little overhead and there are numerous ways in which it can make money. To get into this business, there are just a few things you need to do. These are outlined below:


  1. Have Safety and Transport Knowledge and Licensing

Your company has to be properly licensed before you can transport any medical supplies. For licensing to happen in the UK, you need to have motor carrier permit and knowledge on how to handle biological materials. To acquire these licenses it means that you have to undergo training on each one of them

  1. Have Medical Transport Equipment

Handling transport of medical supplies is the most important aspect of this business. You won’t be able to do this unless you acquire the required equipment. You may need equipment to handle the transport of items like slides, vaccines, patient records and Lab specimens.

  1. Have a Physical Office

This is where you will be handling administrative functions which may include taking orders, managing deliveries and pickups, and sending invoices to your clients.

  1. Place Ads to Acquire Your First Clients

As you start your business, nobody will be aware of the services that you offer. This is why you will need to place some local ads to inform potential clients of your services. After you get your very first clients, you can then ask for referrals from them.

  1. Insure Your Business

Medical courier services are a risky business in various areas and that is why you may need to get insurance cover.


Starting a medical pickup and delivery service business is not a hard thing to do although it has very great benefits for you. It is a business that anyone interested in entrepreneurship can get into easily. If you’re in need of temperature-controlled couriers, then PDQ Cold Call are a leading provider nationwide who offer a range of helpful delivery options. To find out more information, just visit their site at